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Default Teacher for Lens?

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I'm so glad to have found you. I have a olympus C-700 and Canon es75 video cam. I have been trying to buy wide angle and tele lens w/filters for the c700. I can't find the outer ring size of the camera. All the numbers are starting to really confuse me. 45.6-52mm, 45.6-55mm, 45.6-37mm? I know I need a tube adp. What size? Can anyone explain to me the focal length difference? Is there a standard size that I should use? When it states 55mm is that the back or front of the lens ring size or lens size? :roll:
I went to the local camera shop and he couldn't or wouldn't give me this info., he just wanted to sell me what he had. I'm not a professional, I just really like to take photos and video and make home movies etc... (DVD"s).

I would like to use the same lens on my video cam which I think has a 46mm ring. This way I will not have more stuff to carry. :lol:

Also, just to be a pain in you know what! What is better the new optic glass or crystal. Any brand you would recommand?
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