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thanks for the link!

But I don't know if Dvix certified necessarily means it can play mp4 or even the mp4 specific to the HD-1 in 720p or even in 640x480. Case in point, I bought the Neuros SD card mpeg4 recorder/player, neat little device that essentially is a mini vcr that records mpeg 4 standard definition to an SD card. I can then load the card in my Ipaq and watch whatever it was I recorded later. But this device doesn't recognize the files from my Sanyo C5.

My guess is it impliments some other version of mpeg4 and it is incompatible. So choosing a DVD player that is Divx certified, has component or hdmi outputs and the chip set that is known to support mpeg4 is probablya goodbet...but still they have to have written the firmware to enable that feature.

There are some mentions of some players in herereported to playthe hd-1 files but I was just trying to find someone who actually has one that works and what the model number is.


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