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Rob Beard
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Crikey me, I only wanted a quick answer, not been on STEVES for a bit, I have been feeling really down in the dumps for some reason, cannot get motivated about anything really, but thanks for the ideas folks.

I want enter a comp' in the UK, the subject is 'Portraits', here is my idea, what do you think?

My mate is married to a black girl, I think from the darkest skinned place in Africa, forgot where though, here skin is as black as black can be and very petite. My other friend is Irish and her skin is as white as white can be, both are very good looking.

My idea is to erect two canvases, one half will be black, the other white. both women will have their heads touching back to back, or their lips just touching each others, where the heads or lips meet it will be divided by the back ground, straight down the centre, black girl wearing pure white lipstick and eye liner and the white girl wearing jet black lipstick and black eyeliner. The black girl has jet black short cropped hair, the white girl has pure white hair, I hope that you can imagine what I am doing. What do you think to this idea

Rob (UK)
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