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Nancy Gabby wrote:
Nice guns! Like the stache, reminds me of a firefighter, or a state trooper, definitely excites a girl! But I think your face is definitely hansome enough to lose it. I, for one, would like to see a self portrait w/o it as well, but don't just do it on my account. Either way, great shot! If you don't mind me askin' how tall r u? I'm guessin' 6'2". I guess I shouldn't be drinkin wine b4 I come to this forum, esp. if u guys r gonna produce pics like that. Good thing my fiance isn't the jealous type!
I didn't expect this, but I must say, it raised my eyebrows and had me grinning. I ought to leave you to your speculation, but us old short guys were taught to tell the truth. 5 ft 8 is the best I can do, and that's after shrinking an inch since my younger days. (Luckily my young lad hit that when he was barely in his teens and tops out at an even 6 ft.) The bonus is on long flights, I am much more comfortable than taller folk, and don't have my knees up around my ears on plane rides. It's always a plus when a girl notices, so don't put the cork in that wine bottle just yet.

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