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ZAKD wrote:
Hi, good to have you back with some newphotos it has been awhile....

Must say that this session was not as good as the last one where there was male and female pair shoots.

Although I'm OK with all the shoots among the last one. Like the white background you did and exposition on #1 and #2. Her expression is very nice and natural on #3 and #2 and the angle of shooting is goodon this two photos.

Did you used a natural light on the last one....on some spots looking little too yellow or overexposed?????don't you think

Did you used a fill in flash on there is too much frontal light at the upper part of her face.....

Thanks for sharing and


Thanks Zak. #3 was done with a ring flash. It can create hotspots like that but it doesn't bother me. Other people don't seem to like it as much. The last shot was done in a covered area (stairwell) of an outdoor location. Her hands were in the sun - the rest of her was in the shade. Also there was an orange wall next her reflecting the light. Again not everyone likes it but I like the warmer tones.

I'm still just learning. Thanks again for your comments! :-)
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