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Simon over at dpreview has just posted the FX01 review - a quick quote from the conclusion:

".....But whereas other recent Lumix models have been so noisy that the problem threatened to overwhelm all the good stuff, here the noise is only a serious problem in daylight at ISO 400....."

"Noise aside, the FX01 is a real gem of a camera, and one I shall be very sorry to give back, mainly because using a compact with a 28mm equiv. lens is like a breath of fresh air compared to the 35 to 38mm wide end found on most models, which simply doesn't allow you to capture the whole scene in a single shot........But in the final analysis the FX01 sits in a class of its own as a truly pocketable camera with a high quality 28mm equivalent lens, with image stabilization thrown in to sweeten the deal....."

"If the wide lens and compact size are important to you, the FX01 is a no-brainer, and even if they aren't, this is a camera it's easy to recommend - especially if you don't really need high ISO performance. I liked the FX01 a lot - a lot more than I expected to, and it only misses a Highly Recommended thanks to the mediocre low light performance."

Looks like Pana are on the right track with FX01, although manual controls would have been seriously cool.




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