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I found a nice kinda square'ish case logic that fits the S2 perfectly (model TBC4). It has a from zippered compartment for batteries/memory cards, 2 side net pockets and an extra also zipperedcompartment under the top cover. You can carry itusing the shoulder strap, the belt loop or by holding the handy little handle.You can even have the lens adapter on the camera that it will fit if you place the camera with the lens facing down. However, you will not beable to fit any extra lens, only a few filters.I bought mine at Circuit City for $20. It's pretty compact and protect the camera well. The other good choice is the KodakDigital Camera Bag (Medium) model CAT 861 1501, which I also bought to carry my Sony H1. This is a much larger bag compared to the Case Logic but the good thing is, it will fit my 1.7x Tele converter,my macro lens, lens adapter, many filters, batteries, memory cards, cleaning kit, etc. and it's not that big either, just well made. It cost me $20 at Circuit City also (currently on sale).

As for batteries, I too have the Maha charger + 12 x 2500 mAH POWEREX. They are absolutely awesome.They charge fairly quickly and the charge last forever. When I first used it on my Canon A610, it lasted over 3 months and I took almost 1000 pictures before they had to be re-charged.

I also have a mini-tripod which I carry in the car. Very handy if you like to carry your camera anywhere you go (like I do).
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