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I just bought my first digital SLR (Nikon D50) and am extremely excited about it! The package I purchased includes the camera body, along with 2 lenses (both Nikon, one is 28-80mm zoom and the other 70-300mm zoom). Ultimately, I hope to purchase a good macro lens (my main interest is nature photography and I likeextreme closeups of plants, fungus,and whatnot). I've been ogling the Sigma and Nikon 105mm macro lenses, but it will be a while before I can afford either one...have also been looking into the 60mm macros.

In the meantime, a good friend of mine has mentioned that he'd be happy to lend me his Sigma 60mm macro lens (he's got the 105mm now and does not like the 60mm lens). The problem is: he uses the Canon 20D (or something like that; forgive me if I've botched the name), so his lenses have Canon mounts.

Is there some sort of conversion device available to make a Canon lens mount work with the Nikon D50?

Thank you in advance for any advice you have for me!

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