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fishycomics wrote:
sgspirit how many do you have? i have 13 at one time. count how many now at least 7 not all in pic
If and when the 920 arrives, I will have 3. ( + DDV-810 and DDV-720) The 920 will be my 5th one, in two years. My wife and friends think I'm nuts going through them at this rate. I've already started offering the DDV-720 for sale.

Not saying there's anything wrong with collecting things, but I don't. I don't like having money tied up in things I don't use, these cameras become worthless if you don't sell them right away, and collecting stuff has an unnecessary environmental impact. Like, what does Seinfeld do with two dozen Porsches? And what if everyone had dozens of cars? I'm certainly not limiting my consumption of these cameras because I can't afford a whole bunch of them.

I'm not so much into having these cameras as I'm into what I can do with them. And the newer the camera, the better job it does so the less likely I am to use an older one. For instance, what would I want to do with the Aiptek DV4500 I once had? Or the DDV-S670? Also, if I were going to tie up as much money in these cameras as a bunch of them represents, I'd buy one expensive model instead.

End of lecture.

That said, it's neat to see a bunch of them sitting together. I wonder if there's anyone collecting all of them. I guess they'd have 100-200 by now.
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