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Thanks MT.

I know people don't install EasyShare and just use the camera as a drive, but I don't know whether it works that way with the cradle. I did find that by removing EasyShare from the msconfig startup the button on the cradle doesn't start the software. Maybe I can experiment with connecting without the software active.

Last year they had some film developed and put on a CD. It was a Kodak CD and came with EasyShare. When we installed it their computer slowed to a crawl. I ran spyware and virus scans, cleaned out temp files and all the regular stuff and the computer was still slow. I finally moved all the photos to a folder and uninstalled EasyShare. Their computer went back to normal. They are having the same computer problems with the EasyShare they got with the V550, so I set them up to just start EasyShare when they wanted to download rather than have it start at boot. I would like to find a way to work with what they have, but I guess the card reader wouldn't be that pricey.

I wouldn't look forward to weaning the wife of EasyShare, so I would probably just have them use the card reader for uploads back to the card.

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