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Greetings Slipe,

Glad to help and review.

Not sure how your friends have configured EasyShare, but with the latest version of the program, you can allow for immediate transfer or the images to your system, and later upload to the Gallery (this will automate based on your chosen preferences). This means that your images will reside in both places. If you so choose, you can then have the card cleared and prepared for your next picture taking event.

Or, if you do not want to remove the images, you can turn that feature off. You can also change the transfer location on your computer if you like. You can rename the area to hold your images, and more. How you set up EasyShare is up to you at the time it is installed. Kodak wants you to enjoy your pictures so these options allow you to make the most of the program and are completely up to you.

You can connect via a cable, or by using the dock. It is not really possible to return images to the camera as Kodak cameras use PTP as opposed to earlier UBMass protocols. You can mount the camera as a drive if you are not using XP as an OS. But the easiest way to get pictures back on a card is via a card reader. When you insert a card with returned pictures into the camera it will see them and display them.

You can, of course, move images to the camera favorites but that sends them to the internal memory as they are for viewing in the camera only and so are smaller in size and not best for printing.

Please Note: when you use the Express Upload feature in EasyShare and your images sent to the Gallery, you can have them printed and sent directly to your house ($.15 a print and options to get that down to $.10). You can also send as a slide show to your friends. If you do not want to use the Gallery, you have other online choices that you can make for online printing. Check it out. This feature is easier than transferring back to your computer so you can take them some where to get the same thing.

Talk to you later,

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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