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Originally Posted by eric s
Is there any chance that I could have used a flash to fill in the front side of the heron, but not blow the hilight that Klaus fixed so well? Did I need a lower power flash setting? A higher aperture? flash sync prevented a higher shutter speed. Could it have been done at all? Use a better flash? If so, how? Any ideas?
In my opinion, there are multiple ways to improve your already good shots. FIRST, is it possible to use a reflector in the right hand side of the image to get some sun light? SECOND, a small low-power flash may be very helpful. If your camera does not use preflash, the Sunpak DS20 which costs you less than $30.00 may be used in the slave mode to illuminate the right hand side. Since such a cheap small flash does not have aperture setting, one has to use flash-subject distance to control its intensity. THIRD, use a good slave flash. Again, the Sunpak PZ5000AF is a very good one with a very reasonable price ($150.00). You can use it as a slave flash and dial in the aperture you wish to use. Then, shoot. Note that the dialed in aperture does not have to be identical with the aperture being used on the camera. This is the trick for controlling the intensity the fill flash.

Hope this helps.

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