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As I have tested before and am doing again. for the MPVr.

2200 mah rechargables fully charged and ready to go its running at 6:17pm

How Long will 3 aa batteries give me over the Li-On 850 mah (1 hr 30 min)

How Long Will a 3 aaa system give me as well?

10 minutes in my project I am at a 1 drop o fa battery. a li-on battery seems to hold stronger lets not forget 3.6 vdc over 3.7vdc not much difference

What I wanted to see if I can rig up about 9 batteries 3 parallel with 3 series to total 3.6 vdc at 3x the rate giving me about 4.5 hours record time, while camera can stay on at ful for over 1 hour and a half.

My next step would be a triple aaa system, fitting into the MPVr but I believe the Li-On will cover that.

If I were to piggyback a second Li-on I could deffently have double the life 3 hours record time, but rather spend 5.00 or an extra cover , and modding it out, loking like something jimmy rigged, would just invest in an addtitonal battery.

I guess if it is really neccessary to have power all the time its best to invest in the MPVr adaptor, add a dc adaptor cable, and have a box of aa or recharger pack for t he camera.. I know my Olympus has such a thing, as i can find one it would do me best if I needed power

20 minutes in and battery is at 1 drop 2 full bars left. will repost later

1 hour 10 minutes I am standing on 1 bar left when it changes to red it'll be over

1 hour 30 minutes still filming in a single bar not gonna watch the lcd anymore lol

2hours 30 minutes in Oh boy Perfect

3 hours and the battery is at red that should complete the test

the sd card 1 gig 3 hours plus record time, 3 hours plus batt time 330 to be exact

the battery indicator dropped fast but held strong at the end

very very satisfied with my test

so I know a 3 aa system will get me the same amount of vid time as a 3.7vdc li-on

eithr way it works out fine

will do a 3aaa system ata later date

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