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I think these are both fine cameras, but clearly with the S2 you can do a lot more than with the Z750. I had the predecessor of the S2, the S1, and I really liked a lot. The Z750 suffers from the ominous lense error. This problem should have been resolved by now, but if you get a copy from the earlier production, you may still get it. The advantage of the Z750 is its small size, its higher quality sensor and the mpeg4 movie mode. While the S2 has also an excellent movie mode, it uses mjpeg compression instead and a 1 GB card is filled within 9 minutes. With the Casio you can record about 4 times as much on a 1 GB card. The Casio Z120 has the same excellent image quality as the Z750, but is significantly cheaper, uses cheap NiMH batteries and does not suffer from the lense error. On the downside,it doesn't have the mpeg4 movie mode of the Z750. Like the S2, it has only a high quality mjpeg movie mode.
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