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I have been looking for a NiMH charger and batteries for my new digicam, and I have been reading and posting on some of the threads here (some listed below).

Iam leaning toward the Maha 401FS due to some good reviews that I have seen, and the fact that it has individual circuits for charging each battery. It sounds like the individual circuits provides better charge to each cell. Anyway, I am leaning toward the Maha 401FS since it has individual charging circuits, comes with DC power cord, and has lifetime warranty. Thomas Distributing has it for $43 with 4 2500mAh AAs and some other extras.

I just saw this charger tonight at Staples: Duracell CEF80NC - It is advertised as a 1 hour charger, and itcomes with 4 Duracell 2100mAh cells. It is $20 at Staples after a $10 rebate. Seems like a good price, but does anyone know anything about this unit? I could not find any specs for it. I am assuming that it does not charge cells individually.

Any other tips would be appreciated before I purchase!;forum_id=51;forum_id=51;forum_id=51;forum_id=15

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