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Well once again I might pack up the IS-Dv. and return it. 88.00 is not a bad price, but owning so many, not a good thing. All works Fine, but something Just scratching me behind the ears to return.

As HSn, and or Shop at home Introduced the Olympus 8 meg, and its 7 meg camera. I am thinking. but not goingto give in just yet.

maybe Target has them there, not at all the 8 meg was new and priced in Bestuy at 100.00 over the tv price hmmmmm. while the 7 .1 meg is correctly priced online, offline.

The casio series is a nice camera had gotten to use it the 3x optical works in filming , due to the internal memory and batt operating. the digital zoom cancels out. not a problem.

Some sd cards are up a 1 gig at 44. plus a perfect price

a sd 512 5.00 mail and 10.00 instant at 24.99 not bad

Target does not have an ad for Us this week, but still offers the 88.00 Is-DV, and possably the dxg 305v.
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