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For a quick candid shot, without much chance for setting preferences, I give it a thumbs up.
Thank you.

This has been an issue I have been fighting with as well. I shoot what I see and try to capture things in the camera as they were when I saw them. But, often I have people tell me that picture is no good because it is too centered, the eye closest to the camera is not in focus or the horizon is crooked. They use all these rules to determine if a photo is good or not. I simply look at a picture and determine based on how it makes me feel whether I like it or not. The horizions in life are not always straight and objects are not always off center. I don't always shoot to copy what I see in books or force myself to conform to the 1/3 rule, I shoot to show people my view of life and what interests me. In this case I love the way she looks with her eyes closed because it was real (not posed).

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