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Get one! I have the 28-300mm XR from ebay(Cameta) for $144.00 . Its my outdoor travel light Lens.Sometimes I get soft [email protected] but other times I get it sharp. with great colors. 250mm and below comes out great. My 5D is only 3 weeks old so Im still learning the best settings for this lens.
  • Needs lots of light to do its job well[/*]
  • I set the 5D colors to Landscape(all settings +1), 50% of pics will not require PP[/*]
  • Focus hunt when goin from wide to tele, trick is to release the shutter button as it nears focus then half press again to zero in. [/*]
  • Low light? not a chance! Thats where I use my Sigma 28-70mm EX DG
Its built is ok compared to others but for the price I think its a steal.

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