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Sometimes when trying to copy photos from my card to the PC, it will copy so many and then it hangs up. The rest of the file/files will not display a thumbnail or be able to be read. Could I have a bad card or bad reader? The 1st reader I used was from my Palm Pilot and thought maybe it wasn't capable of reading high volumes of photo's. Went to Sam's Club and got a Stratitec Multi Reader. Any ideas?

My SD card is a SanDisk 256MB that came with the camera.

Checked the card in the camera and the photo's all show up in the camera monitor. I checked the card on my PC and my Laptop and both times it would only read up to photo 46 and there are 118 photo's on the card.

EDIT: Tried a different card (Lexar) and took 121 pics and they all show up. Anyone have any idea why the SanDisk shows up in the camera but not on the reader? Do you think if I took the card to a camera shop they might be able to get the photo's off of it?


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