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keith1200rs wrote:
Could be a format problem. When you have managed to get the pictures off the card, format it in the camera.

I did format the card in the camera. I format after I download the pictures each time, and always in the camera. You don't think it can be a camera problem do you? As I mentioned in my 1st post, the 1st time I used the camera I tried reading it in my reader that I got with my Palm Pilot. When it hung up, I thought it was a problem with that reader. I formated the card in the camera and this is a whole new set of photo's.

I do notice that when inserting this card into the reader, it fits "tighter" than my other cards, if that makes any sense.

After playing around last night, I ended up deleting the photo that it was getting hung up on and then connected the camera to the PC and it transferred the rest of the pictures. So, evidently that one picture was the problem. Just don't know if it's a card problem or camera problem.

Also, I took these pictures while at the Shedd Aquarium, and while having lunch, my son had his Walkie Talkie from work on the table not too far from the camera. Last night I was reading in the manual about radio transmiter signals could damage data on the cards or mess with the camera's internal circuitry (sp?)

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