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You have 3 days more include today to buy the Sony cybershot DSC- P200 with a best price = $230 at Besbuy, you will get $30 giftcard for next purchage

Its is a 7.2 MP, carl-zeiss lens. Set the camera => scene => sport mode (goft player icon) Event with tripod you still need flash on when taking picture your baby indoor, flash set auto, dont shoot to close to the baby, must be 5 feet or futher and zoom in, bring him or her close to the window is better if you still dont want to use falsh. I have 4 grand children they are my models for thousands of shot so you can trust me

This picture was reduced quality 10 times and was taken by the sony DSC-P150 => similar to the DSC 200 :-)
Bring them out door always is the best idea my friend even take a picture without a camera like this one :

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