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It's a great pity that Mishkin's website was removed owing to unknown reason(s). Now that only "slices" of his website remain in forum and search engine archives. Actually, Mishkin is a true measurbator and the first link above quotes a small important part of his website, where the technical statements made are all correct (at least to my best knowledge) and his concepts about CoC, DoF, focusing errors (for at film plane and subject side etc. are very clear indeed! He explains clearly also why DoF is simply 1.6X larger with a 1.6X crop factor and so on, in just a few short sentence! Amazing afterall and we can see how a talent knowledgeable person he is.

If one has seen his complete website before, one must be astonished on how he carried out the focus accuracy test for its precision and how scientific it is with a very high academic standard but yet the setup is simple. It is not the kind of the "D70 focus accuacy test chart" ( ) experiment which IMHO is much loose (it is still a good quick tool, though). I think at least a mirror is required for the angle alignment like what Mishkin did for precise measurement.

QUIZ: There are actually a big implication and an assumption which Mishkin hinted and made The assumption forms the base of most of his arguments (but then it was actually verified with his experiment results, btw). Do you know what are this implication and the assumption is? :-D

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