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The Focus button selects the desired mode (autofocus, infinity, macro self-timer) and when held enables Manual Focus by rotating the command dial.

One thing I think you may know already :
Manual from 1.4 in. to infinity with focus confirmation indication

The D7/D7i have no focus confirmation in manual mode ( I guess &Hi the same) , but have a 4X “loupe” mode (Electronic magnification) which allows very precise manual focus.
This mode is very easily and quickly operated. It’s very rare that I use MF, but when I use MF, I use this mode .
- You focus manually at 4X display,
- halfpress the shutter: the full frame is brought back , rezoom if needed
- lift your finger: 4X again
- fullpress , shoot of course …
The DiMAGE 7i's 4x Electronic Magnification can enlarge the central area of the image in the viewfinder during manual focusing - an important feature when image sharpness is critical
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