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Sorry for long post, hope it'll be useful.

I'm having exactly this problem, but my 414 will not power on at all.
Freshly charged batteries, new charger... My warranty is long off, so
I tried to disassemble the camera and look for problems. Didn't find

But there is a trimmer right on place where power wires are ironed
to the board. Rotating it clockwise, I managed to increase input
resistance resulting in lower voltage leak on batteries. But this is not
a fix, it's just a workaround, which adds few minutes lifespan to the
camera (in my case it will switch on and sometimes take up to 5
pictures), but it makes it way more unstable. Many times the cam
just freezes at one moment. Only battery disconnection works then.

to Kiwi133: Could you, please, send any reccomendations you may
have? I've no experience in fixing digicams, and you seem to be sort
of a professional Did you find any other things which may cause
this S414's behaviour?

It seems everyone having this problem didn't encounter any
obvious reason for it. I did. My camera woked just fine about 10
months ago (I bought it at the beginning of 2004), until I accidentaly
made it to take about a hundred pictures in a row with flash. The cam
was pretty hot after that, but not much hotter than normally.

So I think the problem *may* be somewhere around flash.
It is, after all, one of the most power-hungry things in the camera,
isn't it?


P.S. I've, of course, tried to make the service repair it, while it
was still under warranty, but I got it back, and been told they made
*only* a power drain measurement and didn't find anything wrong.
They probably didn't even try to turn it on:/
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