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No its not too late and thanks for the reply. I had basically come to your same conclusion, when another camera came in to the mix.

Sony DSC-T9:

+ImageStabiliztion (possible a Big+), Highest Resolution screen (231k over 2.5 in vs. 173k over 3.0in for the SD 630) Lower package price*

-Low flash range, Questions of performance on indoor flash shots in general, slightly slower shutter lag and burst (1.6fps vs. 2.1 fps on sd 630) Not as many shooting modes.

* The price for sony's waterproof housing is about $80 vs $160 for the canons. This is a definite purchase, so considered in the total price. Conon's case is dive proof, but I really have no need to go below the 10 feet of the sony.

Still trying to weight all these factors out. I want to find out more about the Sony in flash conditions, but it seems to have some serious advantages in other area. Also, I haven't had a chance to check out the s-600 in person; want to see if there really is that much of a size difference.
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