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It's hard to comment on this particular image, because of its small size. It's not in focus and it lacks contrast. Either the image quality severely degraded during the resizing, or the exposure was not right in the first place, may be it's my monitor.

Generally, CA may appear in the areas of high contrast and you do have a lot of straight dark vertical objects in this pic. So, it can happen in this kind of picture.

Personally, I would not recommend to use 3:2 image size, chrome setting and hard sharpness at the same time - they can affect the final quality of your images.

3:2 is convenient for printing on paper of standard sizes without borders or image cropping, but on this camera this setting is only available in Jpeg normal (i.e. the Jpeg compression is quite high and this can add the jpeg comression artifacts to your image). The memory prices are low now and IMO it's better to buy a larger memory card and shoot in 9MPFine than cripple your camera shooting in lower resolution and/or quality.

Chrome mode is just a combination of high contrast and high saturation settings. With some subjects you can get images with an additional punch, with others you wouldn't see any difference, or you can loose details in highlights or shadows and the colours can look unnatural.

Hard sharpness setting involvesa lot of in-camera noise reduction and sharpening. If you do these operations on your computer you have more creative freedom and can get much better results.

Just my $0.02.


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