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Hi, all! I'm a newbie to this forum (joined yesterday).I live in Naples FL. My primary digital camera is the ist DS. You guys got me all excited with your discussions about the Sigma 24-135mm zoom that Cameta is unloading at such a good price (not as good as first reported, but under $100 is still an exceptional price for this lens). I did the "buy it now" thing on EBay yesterday. It will complement the other two Sigma zooms that I got (also from Cameta), the 70-300 MacroSuper II (non-APO) andthe 24-70 (non-EX). Much of my work/fun is operating in the close-up realm (flowers, butterflies and other small fauna), and the Macro Super II has far exceeded my expectations. And while the 300 (effective 450mm) end of that lens is useful (and not as bad as many would have you believe),when cranked back to 200mm, that lens has given me some of my sharpest long images (SW Florida birds). When the flexibility ofzooming is not an over-riding concern on these longer shots, my old 400mm (effectively 600mm f6.3) Spiratone Sharpshooterstill gives me my crispest images.
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