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ohhh. thats made it even worse now, ive just spent the past few hours looking around on the net when i should be revising for a exam and as you said in the best cams page, now the choice has gone up just because i decided which i was getting, and then when lokign at the price the choice increased cus theres lots of offers on at the mo.

a520 -£130
a530 but pr obably not £120ish
a540 - £160
a610 - £157
a620 - £190

a casio mod
fuji f10 (£150
kodak x740 (£160ish)

but itll probably be the canon still im going in to a shop 2moro to look and decide which of the 3 above....

but the fuji has upto 1800 iso and that so tempting at £150 from the net.

thanks for your help. ill come back in a day or so and let you know what happened.

it will be 2 weeks before i buy anyway.

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