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Nice work Dr. C, hope you enjoyed your trip.

vegasllew, welcome aboard, hope you like the Sigma as much as Dr. C and I do. I just gavemy Samyang 80-200mm f4 macro zoom to a friend of mine in exchange for a Chinon 200mm f3.5 screw mount lens. Someone had crazy-glued the adaptor to the lens, removed the retaining spring and machined a notch in the lens barrel so that it now mounts as if it was a K-mount lens. Bizarre but very effective, these cameras are so much fun because of the compatability with these old lenses.


BTW Kjell, I just went to the local WalMart and had an 8" x 10" print made from the leaf picture above, it came out very nice, looks like another candidate for next years craft sale.
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