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To correct:

1. Both i850 and i950 use 2pl drops.

2. Canon i950 is faster on photos than i850 , thanks to a larger number of nozzles.

3. I don't like the grain and prefer sharp and smooth i950 photos.

4. Speed: i950 is always faster @ photos than i850.

5. They both do borderless photos (both do 5x7" also) in sizes from 4x6" to 8.5x10". It is standard NOT an option.

6. Today NO printer manufacturer (like Canon, Lexmark, Epson, HP) includes a cable in the box. You must buy it yourself - nothing new.
The cable (USB 1.1) costs 2 dollars.

7. Don't buy i70 - not worth it.


If you want a printer which will handle your text and graphics very well and will also print great photos, buy i850.

If you want a printer that will do fast,EXCEPTIONAL photos on diffrent paper sizes, go for the i950.

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