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- If you want superb quality, than the i950 will be your best choice.

- If you print photos, i950 is faster than i850. And if you switch to plain paper (to print some docs), it is a lot slower. Number of nozzles as shown here:


- Black - 512
- Cyan - 512
- Light Cyan - 512
- Magenta - 512
- Light Magenta - 512
- Yellow - 512

TOTAL: 3072 nozzles


- Black - 320

- Cyan - 512

- Magenta - 512

- Yellow - 256

TOTAL: 1600 nozzles

- Papers: I recommend Red River papers and Olympus Pictorico papers (excellent quality) and of course Canons pr-101 paper.

- the i950 isn't as good as i850 on text. It's dye black compared to i850 pigmented black, creates gray text on some cheaper copy papers while i850 prints graphics and text excellent on every paper. And this black dye also soakes into plain paper, sometimes even too much.

- the diffrence between photo output from i850 and i950 can be very small or very big depending on a type of photo you are printing. You don't see grain on i950 - the dots are very well hidden thanks to its 6 inks. The photos are also sharper and more vivid than those from i850.

- there is a diffrenece in printing photos between i950 and s820. Remember that i950 has smaller drops, higher res, doesn't have this "micro banding" and has a new, improved printhead which will last. I don't say that s820 is bad (I owned one) but it just doesn't match the quality of i950.

- Yes, s820 is better than i850 @ photos but nothing else. Though the diffrence isn't as big as you thought. I would even say that the printouts are the same and lean towards the i850 print but this is only my opinion. I had both printers and the photo output is almost the same and even sharper on the i850 (thanks to this grain?) but again not as sharp as on the i950. The i850 isn't as good as s820 on gradiations and shadow details.

SEE HERE (comparing photo quality):

AND HERE (s820d and i950 photo output compared):

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