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B+W are well-regarded filters. I don't know anything in particular about this one, but again I would worry about whether a haze filter would impart a yellow cast -- the usual difference between UV filters and "haze" or "skylight" filters is that the latter generally filter into the visible region as well as up in the UV. For a filter that you want to use solely for physical protection, you want it to be as invisible to the camera optics as possible, and these other filters just don't fit that bill. You could always do a manual white balance before shooting to subtract the bias off, but is that really how you want to work? If you're using a filter for its desireable filtering properties, and have to contend with the downside on a case-by-case basis, fine. But, for an always-on piece of glass, do you really want to constantly have to think about it and adjust for it? Probably not. I'd suggest you take a look at Telecorder's suggestion, but I don't use a UV filter for lens protection, so I'm not really experienced in this aspect of filter selection. My help will be minimal on them.

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