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If I see thousand bad lenses, I can say that you see a million bad photographers. Do not turn my words upside-down. About that particular Sigma lens, I've seen not more that two really bad, two average and much more good ones.

Most of those are made by bad, or at least inexperienced, photographers and very few are ever backed up with pictures
There you go again, you are considering technique of making picture to complicated. If someone likes photography and invests couple $1000 and cannot learn basics in couple of hours than he is really bad. Again, if you cannot see the difference between the bad lens and bad picture, than you definitely have to learn to listen to others as well (eeek!).

I'm not extrapolating from a single incident. Maybe that Sigma 10-20 is just cheap and nasty in general, but we've seen enough incidents (the majority IMO) where the equipment is blamed and it's the photographer that has the problem.
Again, you are showing that you are not all that informed and than you want to draw the conclusion just based on some of 'your research' on the internet. 'That' Sigma is not cheap ($400 for me is not cheap) and it is not 'nasty in general'. When I go shoping I buy A LENS a I do not buy photographer. I do not care about bad photographer (unless it is good looking :-))! So I collect information about the lens. Again I do not take anything for granted, I do not to believe what peripatetic say, but I do not ingore it either :lol:. Than, once I have the lens I know how to test it. Some people don't and they ask for help. Telling them that they are bad photographers and ignoring other possibility will not help. That is the point.

In this particular case it was always likely that it was the lens that was a problem, but being stubborn and ornery I wouldn't want to admit that.
I know, but we have to go out of the loop sometimes ...

:-)But I do think it's a good idea to learn to do proper lens tests so that when you do get a bad one you can demonstrate it beyond any doubt. :blah:
I am ready to learn something from you: but again, in this case it was obvious

Really? Even if we do, and many don't, often it won't be on peoples' mind when taking photos, and there are many posts complaining about OOF pictures when using that method. Usually it's blamed on the lens.
I take the point. I will say again: PEOPLE - do not listen to me! If you do not know how, read, ask and than do what YOU think is the best at the end! Eventually we will learn from you one day.

BTW, I never complained about ANY of my lenses even though they are not perfect. But is there one? :|

OK good for you, I have had many,
OK bad for you :-)! Just kdng! I am accepting other opinions and methods. I am not recommending anything, I am just saying that for casual shooting using center AF is good! If anyone thinks that pressing one button and rotating a dial will always make his picture better ... let it be!

When we want to be creative and want to play with those 101 buttons, then why not? No bad pictures anymore! YEPEEEE!! :G
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