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And one more thing about us photographers and our so much loved (mostly) DSLR cameras! Why do we buy DSLR and not P&S? Because we like to carry 3-4 kilos with us and our DSLR looks much 'cooler' than that (dumb) P&S?

Anybody here with DSLR ever used (or god forbidowned) P&S camera?

Anyoneever used film SLR without AF and made good shot? Yeah, there is that thing called viewfinder where you usually can see if your picture is sharp or not.

If our DSLR is not P&S, why are we using AF at all? That sounds so P&S to me. Lets switchto MF and use our eyes! Why we need IS? Again, it is so P&S. Real photographer knows how to hold that 2ft long baby steady! RRRRRRR!

My point is: as much as we do not want to admit, we like the convenience of modern technology. I would love to have camera that would do everything for me (or whenever I want) so I can thinkg about composition, my subject, good light and other elements of good photography. I like to take a LOT of photographs (most of them are crap), and I do not have to much time - have to work. So I am always readay to compromise.

So using only one AF point is just more conveniet (faster). For total control, turn off Av, Tv, A, P, AF, IS ,WB ... and turn on M and MF. Or just go back to film ... again ... :idea:
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