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How does one account for the fact that people are getting great indoor shots [prom pix] with little P&S cameras? It blows me away...a friend of mine had one of those little square cameras and was snapping away at a night-time sports banquet--she had to send them to me because my Fuji pix [with flash] were all blurry--of the same shot!

I guess my sports-shooting days are mostly over. But I do need the ability to do candid shots--I'm afraid the Fuji has never been too good for that, so I'm loathe to buy another one. For graduation, I need distance and it'll be indoors [altho in the afternoon with a fair bit of outside light. I'm shying away from the Konica because it has been rumored that they're getting out of the camera biz.

I guess the Canon S2 appears, from other posts on the board, to be the front-runner...great zoom, great stability, good shots in low-light [I've read it in several posts] , fast shutter speed. That's my gut-feeling so far...

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