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Steve101 wrote:
Today I ordered new Tamron 28-300 XR (non Di) lens for my KM 5D.... @ Cameta they sell them right now for $144. I think it is a good price but I'm little worried if I made a good decidion over a Di version (which is $369 @ B&H). So far what I read there should not be a significant difference between Diand non-Di other than coating. And I hope I do not run in to the problem with a glare. But generaly $144 for non-Di vs $369 for Di .....I don't think that the difference in price justifies the preformace. Correct me if I'm wrong.

link from Ebay:
I'm not going to correct you, because I did the same thing. BTW, I had already bought the Tamron 2 lens set of 28-80 and 70-300. The 28-300 is a whole other lens, it is night and day better build quality IMO. I haven't really had it out yet, but just a few test photos around the house, and I am impressed. It hunts in low light, but if you are in flash range, the AF flash bursts get it in focus. BTW, I got mine at Cameta, and they are great to deal with.

Now I have to decide whether to sell the 70-300 on eBay or keep it.
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