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I won't argue whether anti-shake is worth extra money or not, that depends on the person and what they use the camera for. If I had a choice of 2 cameras in front of me that were otherwise identical, I'd definitely spend the extra for the anti-shake. But when the question is to get a camera now or wait 4 months for one with anti-shake, then unless my primary purpose was using it in clubs, I wouldn't wait. I'd get the DL now and then upgrade in a year or 2, when I've "cut my teeth" on the DL and know more about the camera.

Considering how much trouble I had with the Panasonic FZ30, I'm constantly amazed that I don't have much camera shake with the Pentax (could be I'm using faster lenses and so my shutter speeds are consistently faster, and I've always had better luck holding a slightly heavier camera steady). I'm delighted that Pentax is coming out with a camera having it, and when the DS I have finally dies (hopefully I'll get several years out of it), I'll buy another Pentax with it.

I'm still concerned about the 10 mp camera - I'd want to see LOTS of examples before buying one (again, comes from mehaving beenso disappointed in the Panasonic). I have no plans on upgrading my camera until my current one has problems.
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