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i do not particulary want to go to a dslr, because of the price of a macro lens, i know i can buy a dslr with a lens to cover a lot of the panasonic length, but without the macro, i have been told the dslr would also give better results, however, i would have to take my ultra zoom with me as well as dslr for any macro pictures, (as when i go out i shoot what ever takes my fancy), to cover the full range, until i can buy a macro lens, that would be in the distant future though.

from reading some of this thread in its early days, i get the impression you love your fz-30, however i am grossly concerned about the noize, i will only use it in auto / scene modes, i have read so many reports saying how good this camera is, but then slates it re the noize issue, main reason for buying it is the i.s., in your view should i be concerned about noize as i do not wish to use software, to clean images up, other than to crop my images, :?
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