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Those are some really great pics!

I do have to admit, water is the hardest thing to make panos of. The reason is simple. The waves are always moving so when you take pic#1 a wave will be in one spot, but by the time you pan to the right, the wave has moved to a new location. This makes pic#1 and pic#2 mismached. I still don't know how you mannaged to do it. All your photos are seamless!

Just a question, was the unusual angle in some of the photos intentional? I actually like the effect in the photo with the sign, but some of the other ones don't seem to agree with me. Paint Shop Pro 8 has a straightening tool that allows you to align a line with either a horizontal, veritical, or specified angle, and then it rotates the image to correct it. The neat thing I like abuot this feature is there is a "auto crop" check box where it will automaticaly crop the image back to the original ratio rectangle as it corrects the rotation.

Perhaps Photo Shop has a similar function?

Otherwise, Great Pics!
Keep shootin,
Dan O.
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