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well thought I take out the modified mustek dv4500 and put it to the test.

I decided to use my 3500 since I promised myself I should use the 300 for my avi avatars. and hte 3500 as my spare work cam for the car, and leave the 4500 for the professional stuff like going out on a vacation , boating cleaner stuff.

the 3500 kinda did the same thing my 4500 is doing , the battery door opening . well I think I will use tape on it and not worry much because

I have 2 (2) dv4500 and I will just do that use the good one formy work and fishing etc, and the modified new body for trips.

sorry to hear myself talk to myself but at least if other members read this they would find a way to fix their broken ones like I did..........
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