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rduve wrote:thanks for the financial advise. You actually gave me an idea. If Adorama sells the 7D with the KM28-75 2.8 for $899, I could replace the lens and flip it at a profit. I'll look into it. Or switch out the 5D for the 7D if I like it better...

Thanks again.

PS: I did sell my FZ30. You had asked me previously about that. Still got $500 for it. I don't miss it. the KM5D more than replaces it.

..... and now my should I get a 5D or 7D story.

Funny thing about when I was originally deciding on the KM, I considered the 7D out of the question mostly because of price and a bit because of the size/weight. In fact had there been a 5D around locally or from a reputable dealer I would have snapped up a 5D. I was having a tuff time finding one except for resellers on Ebay and with some of those there is an uncertainty of where they are coming from and if the warranties will be honored on a resale. The I saw a great deal on the 7D fromCC online but with a 28-100 lens, which wasn't bad, but JimC brought up the then hot deal ($949) of the 7D with the 28-75 D lens running at Adorama. It was only a hundred bucks more than the CC deal, but with a much better lens. I really wanted to compare the 5D and 7D side by side, but couldn't find one. I was able to check out a 5D at CC, but there price was high and now the 7D kept calling my name. Based on my reading up on the7Das far as physical size on paper it didn't seem too large, but the extra weight did concern me. I knew I would have to go to Adorama and at least check it out. My wife talked me out of schlepping back into theNew York City beacuse it would have taken and hour and a half and it was late.It killed me not being able to go because Adorama being a jewish run business, I had to wait an extra day until Sunday to check it out because they close on Saturdays. I felt like a kid that couldn't wait to get his first bicycle. It was agrueling wait bvut I survived.So off I went down to Adorama knowing that I might be buying a camera that was too big for me but I was really hot for a KM at this point and nothing was going to get in my way andI would probably buy just on price alone as I no longer cared much about size. So there I was opening a brand new well packed and wrapped KM 7D. By the way they do a much better job then Panasonic when it comes to packing there cameras. So like a kid a Christmas I impatiently checked it out looking for any signs of refurbishment/return and began to get a feel for its character. The 7D wasn't too intimidating in appearance, but it was pretty hefty. If a 5D was on hand it might have swayed me away from the 7D. I did like all those extras buttons on the camera and was wondering if it was built for James Bond. I tried to get a feel for its bulk and then I picked up the lens and panicked because I thought there was no way the two combined would feel easy to hold. I asked if I could connect the lens and much to mysurprise the lens made the cameraseem lighter because it gave it a balanced feel. Despite my small hands it felt very comfortable and off I went with this monster camera.

Having used it for about a month, I went back to CC and tested the 5D and with the 18-70mm kit and it felt weird. It felt like a toy, but in mind only because I am now used to the 7D. I am in no way knocking the 5D and I'm sure if I used it for a while that feeling would diminish. I am now glad I couldn't compare them side by side for fear I would have ended up with the wrong girl.Probably not.... because the value of the 7D with the 28-75 lensat its reduced price outweighed (no punintended) the compactness of the 5D.Both great cameras as far as I amconcerned, but I havegrown to like all those extra buttons and some the other features that the 7D has. I do wish the 7D have some scene modes in addition to the 3 customizable settings, but not a major issue. I am wondering if there is a way to read what the settings are in the 5D scene modes and duplicate that in the 7D to use as a baseline. Although I'm not sure that they are that customizable

Now I'm hearing that Circuit City might have some 5Dsfor under 500 with the kit lens, but I don't if the one by me has it that low. In fact, they might only have a display model and when I checked it the other night they wanted 664. For under 500 it is almost tempting to buy it as a second camera, not that is much lighter, but for waking around for extended periods of time it might make it convenient. It would be nice too because instead of switching lenses, you could sometimes use both cameras. Still a little tough for me to justify that, but if I had a professional use in mind, I think I would search hard to find one. I amazed at where this hidden inventory comes from out of nowhere like the 5600 HS flashes that showed up at B&H recently. What's amazing is if you kind find a 5D for around 500, there is just no reason to get an Ultrazoom. There is a woman who works with me whose husband wants to get a Sony R1 and he was looking at spending almost 1000 till I showed him where to get one few a few hundred less. I tried to talk him out of it, but he had this fear about dust and insisted that its lack of zoom was adequate or could add a telecon. Sorry, I just can't see dropping all that cash on non-DSLR. I even had a tough time justifying paying just under 500 for the FZ30 when at the time people were buying D-50s and other low end DSLRs.

BTW.... I don't miss my FZ30 either. It is good for what it is, but it is what it is.... not a DSLR. Like most FZ30 owners I had myself convinced noise was not an issue. It did have a nice lens but anything over 200 ISO was a waste of time... some insist that 200 ISO was not tolerable, but I didn't feel that way at all. The other disappointed thing about any of those Ultrazooms is the electronic viewfinder. God those things are awful. Probably not an issue if you've never owned an SLR, but the lag on the viewfinder and then losing the subject while the camera stores the image, just wasn't cup of tea. My apologies to all users of EVFs, but they have to go. I do miss the abilityto take shots below the waist or over a crowd by using an LCD. Wish they could have had made the LCDon the KM also serve as a viewfinder when needed, but hey... you can't have it all.

OK.... I'll shut up now. Dammit, I just missed a deal on EBay!

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