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Hey guys, i've been in the photography ring for quite a while now, however i've been shooting an older Canon A-1 that was a birthday hand down gift from my dad. An internal piece that advances the film had snapped and I decided that was my "IN" into the world of digital SLR'sI plunged and purchased the Canon Rebel XT kit with the canon lens. A friend of mine I work with has a canon rebel 35mm and has a lens he no longer uses. Yesterday I slapped it on my camera and started shooting, then I went and was reading on the SIGMA website but I did not find the information I was looking for. The lens is a

Sigma 70mm-300mm 1:4-5.6 DL Super Macro

now wat concerns me is the "DL". I couldn't find on the site what it stands for, and moreover its not sold anymore. Now the same lens but with DG instead of DL is sold, and on that lens it is said its enhanced for digital photography.

So basically my question is this: What differences am I going to notice when shooting a "DL" lens from a "DG" lens? Should I pass on the opportunity to pick up this lens? How is the "DG" lens enhanced for digital? Any help would be very helpful!! Thanks!

-Daniel Bay
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