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I agree. I was just curious to see what kind of effect it would produce. When I had the S2, I used color effectVIVID but the primary reason for that was toreduce the softness of the images (A.K.A. "fog effect").For mynext test with the FZ20I willset the NOISE reduction to HIGH (under Pict adjustment) and play with the other controls (sharpness and contrast) to see if I can obtain less noisy images. I'm not giving up on it yet (I kept my S2 for about 4 months before deciding it was not a good camera at all, despite the good reviews it received). However, I who was never a big Sony fan, think that the H1 is probably the best 12x zoom camera in its class. As for the new Sony models (H2/H5), I think the H2 is not worth buying. Onewill be much better of with the H1. Now, the H5 isgreat camera and I'll probably buy one as prices come down.Cheers.
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