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:-)Just to straighten out a few things. I was'nt sure who Tam was talking to either. If it was John, I agree 100% as John's images impress and inspire me to work hard to be the best I can. Anyway.... My name is Bob and I have been a Contractor for25 yrs. and I have always loved photography. So... I'm working toward my 2nd professionas a sports photographer.


I only used the new 120-300lens for the Little League photos. The rest were taken with my 70-200/2.8 which I feel is another excellent Sigma lens, and almost 1/2 the price of the nikon lenses. I am shooting with a Nikon D-200 and use pretty much the same settings you use w/your Cannon. Nikon and Cannon both make great cameras but I agree the lens make the difference.

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