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sail978 wrote:
I still see that Walmart has them for $699. I presently have an Olympus digital and want to move up. I still have a lot to learn about about cameras and I'm wondering if this camera is going to be too hard for me to use. I shoot mostly outdoor sports and scenery. Since I'm on a boat when I shoot sailing (I do a lot of video with a Panasonic PV GS400), I thought the anti shake would be great. I also am thinking of getting the Tamron 70-300 lens from EBay.

Am I going to get in over my head with this or will I be able to grow into it? Any imput is appreciated.

Are you sure they still have it?

I just did a search and at first it for 699on their site. It was because I searched for Maxxum 7D. What really dumb is that it comes up with a higher price (977) that way. It comes with the 28-100 lens but that doesn't make it worth it.

The 699 with the 18-70 lens is a better buy

Have you considered the 5D for 475 at Circuit City? If you can find one that is. I already have a 7D.... I'm almost tempted to try and find a 5D as a second camera, but my wife might kill and do I really need it? I am even thinking about another 7D for 699 because the price is so good, but then I keep asking myself... what for? I guess it's debatable which is a better deal. The Circuit by me only has the display and they don't seem to want to sell it yet. I didn't push and ask for a manager, but I don't know what the point is to keeping something on display when they don't have it. I'm going to check the store where I work, didn't think to ask them to check it for me. They did mention several stores in my area that didn't have it. As a second camera, I think the 5D might make more sense for me since it is a little lighter, but again, I don't really need it, but it's hard for me to pass up a deal like that. At that price I wouldn't wait for the Sony. I don't feel you gain enough to make up the price difference unless someone is stuck on 10 meg and the CCD cleaner. I think even the 7D is a better buy than waiting for the Sony.

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