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Thanks, I think i just might get into a dv camera and then learn how to import the video and compress it down. I've looked all over on the net and funny enough no one really knows much about these cameras...or they don't talk about them should i least the compression part. I did find a program called squeeze.... dunno. But perhaps once i get the video to my puter through a video capture card or something....I can squeze it down to a sendable file. I can't beleive i'm the only one who wants to send video in their e mails to friends and family with broad band. I wonder how the people at myspace do it with high wuality video...course thats streaming....Thanks for your help

p.s. It just would have been nice to get decent quality files you could drag and drop already compressed to rockin small sizes and anyone could watch on window media player. Even now i have to recompress my mpeg 4 files with shobiz and send them out "windows media file" and besides the fact they are about a 4th of the size, the quality is about the same. Crazy! why can't they just do that in the first place? If it's a matter of being able to do it on the fly, it can do mpeg...with technology, they shoud be able to do WMF too.

Thanks again

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