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my a75 is exactly 2 years old, and it has the same problem you mention: turn it on, no clear signal, fades to black, fiddle with lcd button, still flickers, etc etc.

however, i've never dropped my camera. But these past 6 months, I've used the camera almost rarely. In total, this camera has taken over 2300 pictures.

cosmetically, it looks like new. But the lcd flickers, and actually screws up the picture unless i turn off the lcd and use the peephole instead.

Lesson learned:
don't spend too much money on a digicam. These things don't last long these days.
2 years shelf life. don't expect more.

below is an example of how badly the lcd messes up my picture. The other picture is normal.
The only solution is to turn off the lcd.

Canon sucks.

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