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I took a bit of a road trip to a different Wildbird Sanctuary today. I really didn't think of it as being "wild", as they sell birdseed at the entrance, and have feeders all over the area. I kind of felt like I was cheating taking photos, as there wasn't much challenge to taking them. Just had to sit by a feeder, and photo the birds hanging around the feeders, so I thought I'd disclose this to you guys. My usual haunt is a Wildlife Sanctuary also, but nobody feeds the animals there. As a result, it is quite challenging to photo a lot of the birds and other critters. I'm still trying to find a blue heron that is close enough to get a decent shot of, but one whiff of a human and they're gone. Even the ducks don't want anything to do with people. I was practically tripping over the ducks at this place. Seems more like a workout to photograph the animals at our local sanctuary, and when you get something decent, a lot more rewarding. Do you guys feel like this too, or is it just stupid thoughts on my part......cheers....Don.

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