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hi guys, i havent been here in a while, guess ive been busy doing other things.

but right now I actually have an announcement:


yes, selling my cams and getting something different.

Granted, I haveusually been quick to stand up for Kodak. Look at my posts. People would whine about quality issues and I would argue it.

My"history"withKodak includes ownership and use of SIX of their cams since June 2005 (just the last year). I had the CX6445, DX7440, Z740, P850, V530, V550. I still own the V550 and P850.

Sure I have taken some great pics with many of them. But that was great for the time. Its mid 2006 now, things change.

That was proven today whenI decided to make a tripto Best Buy and test out some cameras. I manages to spotthe new Panasonic fx01 and all I can say is WOW! I could go in to the detail as to why, ect,, but its really not necessary considering Im walking a fine line by talkin of a differentbrand thatpeople here are not loyal to.

The BB associate in the camera department was not pro kodak at all. She laughed at me for owning the models I have and said that "kodak is kinda low-end in quality compared to brands like panasonic and canon".

But I dont believe everything I hear, so I got to snapping with a few other models out there. Sure its limited toinside the store, but it was obviously clearwhy they no longer sell the V550 and V530, or the P850. They just doesnt cut the mustard!! Sorry fellow Kodak fans, I have to be honest.

Now about mynot-so-old P850, What to do with that? Well I kept quiet about it but really I've been regularly dissapointed by the number of images that come out somewhat blurry (soft focus might be the approp term). And not just in low light, but even bright sunlight with no movement. For example, remember the squirrel pics I posted some months back? There were a number that just didnt make the cut for quality, but I just left it alone.

So whats the alternative? Honestly, I think its time to upgrade to a D-SLR, like the Canon Rebel XT or Nikon D70. Sure, they have their downfalls as well, like higher costs, lack of movie mode and a small LCD. But at least I could MANUALLY turn the focus ring to make sure my shots are SHARP! It will cost me more than double than the P850, but hey, you get what you pay for I suppose.

Ok well I just had to takea few mins tovent about this.Maybe its what I need to convince myself that its time for change. Sure no one camera is perfect, but I found out today there are much better cams on the market today then there was 6 months ago. And Kodak, well, has lost its rank as my favorite anymore.

here are the factors inconsideration:

- image sharpness
- focus responsiveness
- lcd size and quality
- color balance
- size and weight
- battery time
- image noise
- ease of use
- color brightness/quality
- features and options
- zoom and wide angle
- shutter lag
- media used

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