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"Regards the FZ's - there is no way that Pana would just simply give up their position as the leading Ultrazoom manufacturer. Both Oly, Canon and Nikon dropped the ball on this particular market segment."

I would hope you are correct, but Pannyt had one of the best prosumer camcorders ever made with the GS400 and really dumbed it down with it's successor, the GS500. If there is a new FZ I think it will be a step backwards as Pana just might feel they can't sell a $700 - $900 non DSLR. And they won't make a camera better than the FZ30 and sell it for $600 at release. I snapped up an FZ30 (black) from CC last week because I feel it might very well be a benchmark not equaled again as DSLRs start to dominate the $600 - $800 market too.

I jjust refuse to give up my Live Preview, IS, and 12X Lieca lens for a huge, heavy, lug multiple lenses around DSLR.

Chrystie (FZ5, FZ20, and FZ30 :-)

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